Quantity Surveying Services

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we have been proudly providing experienced and professional quantity surveying and cost management services to Ontario business and organizations for over ten years. Our team of professional quantity surveyors has been involved in some of the unique projects throughout Ontario, allowing us to evaluate projects with a keen eye and provide meticulous cost consulting and insight leading to a successful project.

We understand that every phase of a construction project requires careful evaluation, as many factors impact overall project costs and deadlines. Our thorough understanding of each phase, from initial planning, to design, tender, and construction, as well as post-project reviews or disputes, allows our quantity surveyors to provide informed and professional insights of project cost that benefit our client’s projects.

At TruEst, we are proud to offer a wide range of quantity surveying services for each project phase, including:

Owners Representative

The team of expert quantity surveyors at TruEst can provide support during every phase of a project, specifically during the design and cost planning phases where intricate research, communication and planning are vital to the success of a project. As an owner’s representative, we will work as an extension of your organization in order to manage daily operations, liaise and communicate with architects, engineers, designers and contractors and act as a primary point of contact to streamline communication between all parties involved. Our owner’s representative service also provides support to owners, investors and developers by providing due diligence when analyzing future property development projects.

  • Team Building
  • Support in Rezoning and Site Plan Approval
  • Support in Designing and Cost Planning
  • Project Management
  • Contractor Recommendations


During the early phase of a residential or commercial construction project, there are several important research and reporting tasks to be completed to support a successful and well-planned project. At TruEst, our team can provide expert support during this critical phase.

From early phase feasibility studies as well as project life cycle costing, our team will perform the necessary research and evaluation to provide accurate project estimates and a functional overview of the project at hand. Our team will manage required site inspections, government reporting and perform a detailed review of the project in order to uncover any risk or flags associated with the project cost. A Life Cycle Costing (LCC) analysis will allow us to review the project and evaluate construction costs as well and long-term maintenance fees once the project has been completed.


The design phase of a construction project is critical and can either support or hinder a steady project progression. At TruEst, we take special care and consideration during this important phase of a project in an effort to avoid challenges or unforeseen expenditures in later phases. With proper budget development and cost management, we can help to properly evaluate project costs in order to provide the most accurate project estimates. Our team will also explore cost-effective and sustainable project options through value analysis and value engineering. Lastly, our thorough and detailed milestone estimates allow us to review the project during key phases of the timeline to ensure the project is running seamlessly, on time, and on budget.


The team of experienced quantity surveyors at TruEst can help to consult and develop a thorough and detailed procurement plan for your project before it is issued for tender. We will perform tender analysis and provide contractor recommendation to uncover the most qualified bidder for the project at hand. We’ll also handle any tender addendum management duties, should any project changes arise so that clients are made aware of the impacts involved with project modifications.


Our team of skilled quantity surveyors will work to properly manage the progression of a project during the construction phase. We will perform project monitoring duties and report on the overall project status, identify any potential issues or flags that may affect the project timelines and budget, as well as provide project updates on work that is being completed. Should an issue arise that require a formal change order review, our team will ensure that it is properly implemented, and that the solution works for all parties involved. Additionally, our team will manage overrun avoidance and work to carefully review factors that may affect project budgeting.

Project Under Dispute

Unfortunately, project disputes and reviews can present themselves during or after the completion of construction projects. The team at TruEst can handle duties and reporting involved with construction project disputes. Should any changes arise once the project scope has been outlined and finalized, our team will handle the process of managing change order reviews in a manner that provides all parties involved with a clear understanding of the resolutions and accountabilities at hand. We’ll also manage any incoming claims from contractors and act as a neutral party to review the claim and provide timely resolutions. Additionally, our team of seasoned professionals can be called upon as an expert witness and provide insights and a detailed understanding of project components, should unsettled disputes make their way to court.

Management of Existing Buildings

The management of existing properties and buildings comes with a unique set of challenges when compared to new construction projects. The team at TruEst can provide support and detailed quantity surveying services associated with the management of commercial and industrial properties. Our team will perform detailed building condition assessments and outline large-scale repairs or replacements that may be required. We will perform reserve fund studies and put a fully researched plan in place to outline projects costs and timelines. In addition, our team can provide support by performing accurate insurance valuation analysis of a property, determining the most accurate building replacement and reinstatement cost estimates, to determine if a property is sufficiently insured.

  • Property Condition Reports
  • Reserve Fund Study
  • Building Reconstruction Cost Estimates

By Building Type

At TruEst, our team of experienced quantity surveyors can provide targeted services and support for a wide range of commercial and residential properties, including:

  • Condominiums
  • Office/ Retail/ Commercial
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Retirement & Nursing Homes
  • Public Facilities
  • Religious Facilities
  • Land Development
  • Rental Housing
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Renovations
  • Residential Housing

For further information about TruEst’s quantity surveying services or to discuss a project, please get in touch with our team today.