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Construction projects are frequently hampered by claims. Whether it be disgruntled supplier vendors, contract issues, labour conflicts, workers compensation issues or more, claims can add up quickly, taking a big bite out of a construction project budget if not controlled – not to mention the delay in project completion. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we provide experienced claims review services as part of our quantity surveying solutions, to keep construction projects on-track.

Minimize Project Claims Management Time & Cost

A lot of the problem has to do with the fact that while construction managers are well versed in the field of construction, they aren’t typically armed or prepared to deal with the claim process. Instead, as soon as claim comes in, it’s turned over to the legal office who typically then outsources the matter to a contracted attorney. In the meantime, the costs start to go up as legal services, filings, delays and jockeying for settlements add up expenses. By the time a single claim is completed, it could be in the dozens of thousands of dollars if not higher for a very simple matter. Even the initial discussions alone immediately go into the added zeros in costs due to having to involve attorneys geared for going all the way to court versus solving problems.

Trust a Team of Experienced Quantity Surveyors to Manage Claims

With construction claims management, however, costs can again be proactively put under control in the claims area. Similar to an insurance adjuster review, a claims management process can scrutinize received claims for validity and the likelihood of dismissal or settlement at the lowest cost. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we apply our industry-leading expertise provided by subject matter experience in the industry and effectively argue for the true expense of a claim versus an inflated attempt to secure a payout. If your Ontario construction firm or project is facing the potential for runaway claims, then it’s time to bring quantity surveying services from TruEst. Our team can get your project back on track and out of the tangle bush that the claims process can otherwise become.

Claims Review & Management Services

TruEst are experienced in managing claims review, offering clients industry-leading expertise and third-party insights to manage the process. TruEst can support clients by:
  • Evaluating the details of each claim to provide an unbiased recommendation.
  • Managing the documentation and workflow of the claims review process and ensuring all documents are properly filled, and items are reported accordingly.
  • Working with all parties involved, including workers, owners, contractors and more to minimize delays in project timelines and the potential of increased costs.
For more information about TruEst’s claims review and management services, contact our dedicated team today. Your project may very well depend on it.

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