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Cash Flow Development

Effective cash flow development remains a persistent, problematic issue in the construction industry. In many cases, it’s not a matter of having the revenue to complete a project. The ebb and flow of cash on hand and payouts to contractors, subcontractors, as well as taxes, insurance, and other peripheral expenses, can create temporary revenue shortfalls. When bills are not paid on time, your project and reputation can suffer.

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we provide in-depth quantity surveying services to create a cash flow development plan that reinforces your financial ability to take a construction project from the drawing board to final approvals. Our team of experienced cash-flow experts conducts a precision due diligence on projects of all sizes that ensures you are prepared with the cash on hand necessary to keep construction moving forward. These are areas we improve cash flow development management for industry leaders.

  • Create Accurate Estimates

The bedrock of any cash flow development plan is having accurate cost estimates in place. These must include exacting due diligence starting from the conception through the drawing board phase and every expense needed to turn the key on your new facility.

  • Projected Cash Flow Analysis

Matching the expected influx of revenue ahead of anticipated invoices remains critical to contractor and subcontractor confidence. Using strategies such as agreements with payments schedules that include specific work completion and dates buoys confidence. We ensure the revenue influx clears accounts before bills payments are due.

  • Strategically Schedule Expenses

It’s commonly the case that revenue will flow into accounts during preliminary and building phases. By creating a timeline in which contractors, subcontractors, and others are paid on percentages until work is completed spreads revenue out and may avoid shortages.

  • Emphasize Change Orders

When changes impact the overall costs and payouts, we promptly update the strategic plan to include the need for available resources. This measure helps avoid work slowdowns, stoppages, disputes, and potential litigation.

Industry-Leading Cash Flow Development Services in Ontario

Developing a comprehensive cash flow plan requires quantity surveying services from a team of experienced professionals. At TruEst, we have earned a long-standing reputation for due diligence excellence. Our team of industry-leading construction consultants delivers proactive cash flow benefits on a daily basis to our valued clients. If you are considering construction project, contact our London, Ontario, office for a consultation today.

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