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Cost Overrun Avoidance

Perhaps the single most significant impediment to bringing a construction project to completion remains unanticipated cost overruns. When developers put together a team to bring their vision from the drawing board to a ribbon-cutting ceremony, high-level construction consulting services often means the difference between cost-efficient goal achievement and debilitating costs. In some cases, having an experienced quantity surveying services outfit in place can mean the difference between final approvals or failure.

Avoid Cost Overrun in Construction Projects

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced construction consultants understands how unforeseen expenses and miscalculations can lead to financial impediments. That’s why we deliver precision construction consulting oversight that ensures overrun avoidance. These are areas our quantity surveying services professionals focus on to ensure you complete your project on time and on budget.
  • Tender Timeline Integrity

By providing our clients with contractor recommendations who have a reputation for completing work in a cost-effective and timely fashion, we set the table for a successful process. We also deliver the due diligence necessary during the tender process to ensure accurate estimates.
  • Construction Timeline Integrity

We advise our clients to implement a plan that includes checks, balances, and personal responsibility. Strategies such as accurate change order reviews, milestone estimate dates and reviews, as well as tracking subcontractor timelines are musts. Overrun avoidance requires proactive planning that minimizes work slowdowns or stoppages.
  • Reduce Litigation Risks

Even experienced construction-sector professionals can disagree about obligations set out in an agreement. Our team of consultants works diligently to provide transparency. But when parties cannot agree on salient issues, we help bridge the communication gap to keep the project moving forward while resolving issues and avoiding the costly delays of litigation.

Reliable Cost Overrun Avoidance Construction Consulting Services in Ontario

The negative impact of cost overruns cannot be understated. Work slowdowns, stoppages, and discovering excessive cost escalators late in the building phase can reduce profits or upend a project altogether. It’s in every industry leader’s best interest to have a reliable construction consulting services outfit manage the process and advise you when to take pre-emptive measures. At TruEst, our quantity surveying services team delivers decision-makers with the best possible overrun avoidance construction consulting services. And, our long-standing reputation for excellence backs up that claim. If you are considering construction project, contact our London, Ontario, office for a consultation today.      

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