Construction Consulting Services

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we take great pride in the exceptional construction consulting services we provide for our clients. For over ten years, TruEst has been entrusted by organizations and business throughout Ontario to consult on specific construction project aspects to allow for seamless progression.

We understand that each and every construction project is unique and requires unique solutions. Our expert team is comprised of dedicated and passionate individuals who will consult on construction projects at every phase to provide clients with unique project solutions.

TruEst is proud to offer a wide range of construction consulting solutions to meet the unique needs of each project, including:

Cost Management

The team at TruEst Quantity Surveyors bring their combined expertise and knowledge to the table to deliver a comprehensive understanding of construction cost management to each project they take on. They combine industry expertise and resources, regional market analysis and careful review of the project scope in an effort to offer efficient cost management solutions that are unique to the project at hand.

Procurement Advice

We pride ourselves on delivering detailed and thorough procurement advice to our clients so that every project we are involved in runs smoothly. We understand that the scope of any construction project can differ from the next, that’s why we carefully review all procurement and contract options available, providing support at every step of the way, including:

Overrun Avoidance

There are a number of reasons why a construction project may face timeline and budget changes. From unforeseen design changes, poor project and time management or contractor errors; no matter what the cause may be, they can undoubtedly lead to added costs and extended project timelines. At TruEst, we will perform contractor due-diligence and provide contractor recommendations based on your project needs, as well as manage the process of Change Order Reviews in-house should any changes come into effect. Lastly, we will help to minimize litigation risk associated with a project in order to anticipate and avoid issues between parties involved in a construction project.

TruEst can help avoid dispute so that projects can proceed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Dispute & Litigation

When it comes to properly resolving a construction dispute, experience is key. At TruEst, our team of experienced construction consultants provide support to your construction dispute litigation team at every stage of the litigation process. Whether it by helping clients in preparing or quantifying claim, contract review or to providing expert witness.

Replacement Cost Estimates

Our team will also help to determine reconstruction cost for your property to ensure that you are properly insured in the event of a total or partial loss. This will ensure you are not over-insuring your building and paying more for insurance than you need to, but also ensures you have enough insurance to cover your building should a loss occur.

Appraisal value only shows how much you could reasonably expect from sale of your property at the current market value. It does not count for the cost incur towards the demolition of remaining property to cleanup site as per ministry standards, the escalation cost for reconstruction much more.

For more information about our extensive suite of construction consulting services or to discuss a project, please get in touch with the TruEst team today.