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Some in the constructor sector see the building process like a relay race. From the architectural drawing board until occupancy, each professional completes their respective task and hands the project forward. While that may be an actionable understanding of the process, success requires strategic planning such as the development of a functional program and program estimate. These pair of complimentary items have a significant impact on space innovation and cost, among others. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced professionals delivers accurate and insightful function programs for construction project decision-makers.

Benefits of a Functional Program

Before the construction relay race can begin, our quantity surveying services specialists bring key stakeholders together to develop a functional program. In essence, this physical or electronic document pulls together detailed information about the building and its spaces that include:
  • Type of Spaces
  • Size of Spaces
  • Quality and Nature of Finished Spaces
  • Quality and Nature of Adjacent Spaces
  • Necessary Mechanical Services
  • Necessary Electric Services
  • Necessary Equipment
With this and other critical data culled together, industry leaders can make informed decisions about innovation and changes to the project. Rather than pass the baton forward at this juncture, decision-makers can utilize the functional program as a guide that highlights common construction dilemmas such as the following:
  • What architectural problems exist?
  • What is the best method to develop solutions?
  • What type of spaces will the project need in the future?
A well-crafted functional program allows ownership, the architectural team, construction site supervisors, and other stakeholders to come together and develop solutions, add innovation, and walk away with a clear understanding of goal achievement. This strategic planning avoids unforeseen setbacks during a construction projects final lap.

Benefits of a Program Estimate

Architectural functional programs serve multiple purposes, including providing accurate information to create a program estimate. The document allows project estimators to look deep into the costing aspects of and deliver a detailed cost analysis. These are critical benefits of developing a program estimate during the planning stages:
  • Offers and Impartial Review of Costs
  • Delivers Cost Detail Based on Space Type and Quality
  • Provides Critical Data for Decision-Makers
Before starting gun of your construction relay race sounds, high-level decisions are needed to build a structure that will stand the test of time and not run over budget. That’s why a program estimate is crucial.

Experienced Ontario Program Estimate and Functional Program Professionals

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our quantity surveying services team members have earned a reputation for excellence. We have been serving area construction companies by delivering accurate functional program and program estimate documentation to decision-makers for more than a decade. If you are considering a project, contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.

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