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Construction Contractor Recommendations

The task of contractor selection during the tender phase of a construction project is not merely a matter of assessing a bid and engaging in cursory negotiations. The construction industry has a wide range of contractors with varying skill levels and reputations. To ensure that your project engages the best-suited company to get the job done on time, on-budget, and with excellence requires careful scrutiny. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we provide our clients with highly detailed contractor recommendations that go beyond paperwork reviews. Our team of experienced quantity surveying services team members have the resources and professional relationships to deliver qualified and experienced construction contractor recommendations who are uniquely suited to bring a project to fruition. These are key considerations during the contractor selection phase that could make a difference.

Candidate Track Record of Success:

When considering contractor bidders, it’s essential to look closely at past construction projects. Contractors with a consistent history of completing projects on time and on budget may be more suitable than another outfit promising lower costs. Contractor selection requires an understanding of past successes or failures.

Industry Reputation

While accepting a low bid during the tender process may appear cost-effective, disagreements can prove costly later. Knowing a contractor’s professional reputation helps paint a clear picture of how the process may unfold. Outfits that too-often become embroiled in cost disputes or unnecessary litigation present risk. The construction sector is a relatively small community, and our team members work in it every day.

 Inspection History

When construction projects fail to meet building code minimums, records are kept about these shortcomings. Failed inspections are telltale signs that the outfit lacks the skilled professionals to complete your project at a high level. Sub-par construction can become an insurance headache after completion.

Contractor Recommendations From a Team of Skilled Quantity Surveyors

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we rely on our commitment to ongoing due diligence, industry experience, and willingness to dig deep into any bidder’s history to ensure you work with contractors who can succeed. As a team of quantity surveying professionals, we enjoy working relationships with contractors and developers alike and understand how to match unique skills with expectations. A robust contractor selection process must look beyond the numbers, and that’s why TruEst excels. If you are considering a project, contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.  

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