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Tender Analysis

Awarding a project or portion of a project to a contractor involves a rigorous tender evaluation process that requires experienced due diligence. While numerous organizations may compete for lucrative construction contracts, the tender process must separate the bidders most likely to provide high-level success from those who are not. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of construction sector experts put our experience, professional network, and dedication to work for our valued clients. As an experienced quantity surveying services organization in Ontario, we provide determined tender analysis designed to match your project with the best available contractors for your construction project.

A Quantity Surveyor Delivers an Exacting Tender Evaluation

Before spending time and money on a high volume of tender analysis, it may prove beneficial for organizations to offer outfits with a pre-qualification questionnaire. Having contractor bidders complete this form allows decision-makers to create a list of suitable construction companies that have the potential to deliver the goods or services needed.

What Quantity Surveyors Evaluate

An experienced quantity surveyor reviews the responses and limits the invitations to provide a full tender. This first step lowers the time, labour, and revenue allotted to the tender evaluation process. Once the initial pre-qualification process is complete, our team of qualified quantity surveyors reviews the salient items and issues that point to a successful relationship and outcome. These include the following.
  • Cost
  • Pertinent Experience
  • Working Knowledge of Project Type and Expectations
  • Technical Workforce Skills
  • Necessary Equipment, Materials, and Other Resources
  • Suitable Methods, Management Styles
  • Compliance
While some quantity surveyors assign a score to each of the above and other criteria to determine a suitable match, it’s crucial to go beyond the numbers. The quantity surveyor tasked with delivering the best possible tender analysis will consider a bidder’s industry reputation and the likelihood they will provide on-time, on-budget success to your project. That’s why experience makes all the difference during the tender process.

Tender Analysis You Can Rely On for Ontario Projects

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we go to great lengths to unburden our valued clients by working diligently to identify the best possible industry relationships. By utilizing pre-qualification procedures and going beyond the cursory numbers on a page, we work tirelessly to find the best available contractor, subcontractor, or materials supplier to bring your project to fruition. For more information about tender analysis and evaluation services, please contact our team of dedicated quantity surveying professions and schedule a consultation today.

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