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Project Monitoring for Construction Projects

In the construction sector, there is no such thing as an exact science. Even the most accurately planned construction projects can face unnecessary cost overruns if they are not scrutinized by a project management team. That’s why TruEst Quantity Surveyors works with owners to provide impartial project monitoring. It’s not uncommon to experience challenges with contracts, permits, and budgetary concerns among others. Our determined quantity surveying services and highly detailed reporting has earned our team of professionals a pristine reputation in Ontario. These are ways working with TruEst may prove beneficial.

Identify Areas of Concern

From the drawing board through an occupancy permit, we put our experience to work to anticipate potential issues and concerns that can derail a construction schedule and unnecessarily increase expenses.

Review and Report

Our team of project management professionals painstakingly review construction timelines, cash flow, budgets, insurance certificates, and provide detailed reporting to owners and lenders with next-steps recommendations. By communicating with key people in all aspects of the project, TruEst provides transparency about realistic expenditures and completion dates.

Change Order Oversight

Industry insiders understand that a construction project remains subject to fluid changes. These may be necessary due to challenges getting materials on time and at an anticipated cost, labour shortages or unexpected overtime wages. On the other side, architectural or quality changes may be requested. It’s imperative to have a neutral project management professional involved to review such changes and articulate reasonable cost and timeline expectations.

Claims Oversight

Contractors often submit estimates because they recognize unforeseen variables occur during the construction process. When a contractor submits an invoice for a greater amount than the original agreement, a project management professional acts as an unbiased third party to resolve any miscommunication or disagreement. This type of neutral arbitration averts delayed payments and property liens by recommending a fair settlement.

Experienced Project Monitoring & Evaluation Services in Ontario

Outsourcing project monitoring responsibilities to a qualified third-party professional has become a critical aspect of cost-effective construction projects. Without diligent oversight and review, too many construction projects fall prey to delays and cost overruns. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our long-standing reputation for project monitoring excellence provides lenders with an ongoing sense of security. Owners enjoy the primary benefit of applying for funding supported by a team that provides the due diligence required to avoid construction impediments. If you are moving forward with a construction project, contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.

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