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Securing reliable procurement advice early in the tender phase sets the route your organization will travel through the construction process. Not only is accurate and sound information critical to the process but selecting the best type of procurement system is crucial to success. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our knowledge in the area of contract procurement management has proven vital to construction professionals. We deliver experienced advice during the tender phase so that industry leaders can make informed decisions. Our quantity surveying services enjoy a long-standing reputation for excellence in the Ontario construction community. These are ways TruEst delivers determined advice.

Pre-Tender Advice

During the earliest stages of a project, numerous issues remain unclear. We provide construction procurement management services that are best-suited to achieve your goals as well as unique stipulations. It’s imperative that viable bids meet pre-qualifications and labour standards, among others.

Making Tender Changes

Construction contracts and projects often involve fluidity and change from the drawing board to occupancy. That’s why it’s common for key stakeholders to require clarification ranging from blueprints to specifications to updated tender documentation. When changes need to be made, we provide tender addendum management advice to clarify cost impact.

Due Diligence

The idea that the lowest bidder wins a contract is something of a myth. Low bids too often result from failures to accurately identify realistic costs and potential overruns. Our construction contract procurement experts look deep into the numbers and articulate issues that could result in delays and costly litigation. A winning bid is one that delivers a project on time and on budget. We conduct advanced due diligence that supports success.

Reliable Construction Contract and Procurement Management

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced professionals provides critical procurement advice during the tender process. By highlighting primary concerns and delivering clarity, industry leaders can make insightful decisions that improve the process and profitability. If you are considering a project, contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.

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