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Quantity Takeoff Services

Quantity Takeoff Services

Developing a comprehensive takeoff is a time-consuming and detailed task, but can lead to a successful outcome. It’s an important element of the pre-construction process that establishes successful cost estimate, project budgets and even affects project timelines. At TruEst, our team of experienced quantity surveyors can assist your organization by managing the tasks and duties involved with both material takeoffs and on-screen takeoffs. Our extensive industry experience and thorough attention to detail mean that we will evaluate the project at-hand and perform thoroughly researched project estimations that will accurately estimate the materials and labour required to complete the project. At TruEst, we take great pride in the professionally-developed takeoffs we provide to our clients. We evaluate all elements of the project and we make it our priority to take into account even the smallest of details. Whether your organization is looking to develop a thorough list of materials, a bid proposal or cost estimate, TruEst can support your construction project by providing the detailed and accurate quantity takeoff services you’re looking for.

Material Takeoffs

A material takeoff (MTO) is an essential element of any construction project. Through careful analysis of a project blueprint of layouts, our team will develop a comprehensive list of materials and products required as well as a full analysis of the sizing and weight of the materials needed that may affect other phases of the project. Even at the earliest stages of a project, our team’s expertise is evaluating blueprints and design documents mean we can provide our clients with a detailed account of the materials needed and quantities required.

On-Screen Takeoffs

On-screen takeoffs are a digital alternative to the traditional takeoffs used throughout the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Created in the early design phase of a project, they are developed through the digitizing process of drawing files to create an on-screen, visual representation of the project. Project drawing files can then be electronically measured in order to provide detailed calculations and provide an accurate account of the quantities required. Digitizing the quantities can lead to more accurate and quicker takeoffs, and the use of tablets replace the traditional project blueprints. At TruEst, our team of skilled consultants are well versed in on-screen takeoff and the unique and modern takeoff solutions they provide. With the use of trusted software and takeoff programs, paired with our extensive knowledge and understanding of the technology, TruEst will develop a professionally-developed on-screen takeoff plan for your unique project.

Let TruEst Manage Your Quantity Takeoff Needs

Our extensive industry experience in consulting on the many areas of a construction project, paired with our exceptional attention to detail means that our team is the ideal choice for your quantity takeoff needs. For more information or to discuss your unique project needs, get in touch with the team at TruEst today.

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