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Expert Witness for Construction Disputes

Bringing a construction project from the planning stages to completion entails a series of ongoing adjustments and fluid communication. When the drawing board meets unforeseen physical obstacles, labour shortage or changes in materials, among others, it’s not uncommon for misunderstandings to arise between construction sector professionals. How those key stakeholders resolve disputes will have a direct impact on everyone’s bottom line. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, as part of our quantity surveying services, we provide expert witness services for construction disputes that bridge the communication gap with determined and impartial analysis. We are routinely called upon by individual companies to provide neutral insights and early dispute solution opportunities. Our team of professionals is also tasked by solicitors to mediate compromise settlements as well as more formal proceedings resulting in a judgment. That’s because our quantity surveying services team has extensive experience in construction law and has earned a reputation as consummate professionals in Ontario.

Experts in Construction Law

Enlisting TruEst expert witness services for construction disputes can prove beneficial in the following ways:
  • TruEst will work as an expert for both parties
  • We will work as an expert for one party
  • Gather critical facts to support impartial conclusions for construction disputes
  • Prepare impartial reports for relevant parties
  • Work diligently to provide pre-litigation advice
  • Provide expert analysis of the merits of unresolved issues
  • Pinpoint a mutually agreeable basis for a cost-effective settlement
  • Quantify and evaluate potential monetary resolutions
  • Prepare expert witness reports for formal proceedings
  • Provide expert eyewitness services to the Technical and Construction Court for arbitration and adjudication

Experienced Expert Eyewitness Services in Ontario

The value of enlisting professional expert eyewitness services cannot be understated in the construction sector. Business disagreements can prove debilitating to an organization’s profitability and can also extend construction projects timelines and budgets. While disputes are resolved, they can impact project timelines and payment schedules. Pre-litigation settlements rank among the most cost-effective ways to resolve disagreements because they keep projects moving and avoid costly litigation. But when legal issues cannot be resolved between the parties, having a neutral expert delivers fundamental fairness to the process. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our long-standing reputation speaks to a commitment of impartial excellence. If you face a construction dispute that would benefit from expert eyewitness services, contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.

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