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Cost Planning & Budget Development

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced professionals provides reliable cost planning and budget development services that adhere to agreed upon costs. Based on more than a decade of experienced quantity surveying and construction consulting work in Ontario, our quantity surveying services maximize accuracy by analyzing the most current construction budget data and bringing key stakeholders together. All completed in the early design phase of construction projects, in order to outline key financial considerations throughout the project.

Construction Budget Estimating

Construction budget estimating allows parties to come to an agreement about realistic estimates and work seamlessly from the initial tender through the project’s completion. Regardless of whether the construction project is residential or commercial, accurately identifying costs and ongoing monitoring helps mitigate potential overspending. By providing our clients with concise budget estimating and cost planning information, the following benefits can be enjoyed:
  • Improved end result satisfaction
  • Ongoing budgetary adherence
  • Greater fiscal accountability
  • Higher final construction quality
  • Cost-effective investment value
Cost planning and budget development services from a team of professional quantity surveyors promotes a heightened involvement among the key stakeholders in any residential or commercial project. Identifying potential cost escalators in the early stages of a project saves all parties time and money.

Construction Cost Planning & Management

Once all the data and input from key stakeholders has been compiled, and a construction budget has been developed, ongoing spending controls are necessary to avoid costly overruns. With any residential or commercial project, unforeseen challenges may present themselves. Ongoing construction cost planning and management allow decision-makers the ability to make critical changes and gain the following benefits.
  • Increased expenditure control
  • Reduce the risk of cost overruns
  • Maintain project timelines
It’s important to understand that effective cost planning and budget development go hand in hand on any residential and commercial construction project. Accurate budgets can only achieve a successful result through determined cost and quality monitoring.

Professional Cost & Budget Insights

The importance of residential and commercial quantity surveying services cannot be understated. Estimates based on the most current, actionable data provide the best possible resources for budget feasibility and accuracy. Ongoing construction and cost monitoring bring projects from the planning stage to successful completion. It’s imperative that communication between project stakeholders remain open and informed decisions can be made in real time. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of professionals work diligently to shepherd construction projects from the planning stage through occupancy.

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