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Milestone Estimates

The importance of milestone estimates for construction projects cannot be understated. Pinpointing incremental progress provides a critical resource for determining the accuracy of cost estimates and timeliness of the building process. Setting milestones remains an essential tool for achieving both symbolic and financial goal achievement.

The Benefits of Milestone Estimates

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced professionals is uniquely skilled to deliver milestone estimates for construction projects, as well as the follow-through that ensures accuracy and avoids unanticipated cost overruns. If you are considering a construction project and need planning, TruEst enjoys an industry-wide reputation for delivering reliable milestone estimates you can trust. These are quantity surveying services benefits that our construction-sector clients routinely enjoy.
  • Subcontractor Effectiveness

Sequential milestone evaluation allows developers to assess the progress of subcontractors. When milestones are reached, decision-makers can review hard data about on-time and on-budget cost-effectiveness.
  • Enhanced Scheduling

When a milestone is reached, renewed estimates can be determined based on previous project timelines. Whether this involves masonry, carpentry, or other ongoing construction teams, management enjoys more accurate completion expectations. This allows decision-makers to insert additional resources or adjust a subcontractor’s responsibilities.
  • Cost Adjustments

The vast majority of construction projects involve plan revisions and structural changes. When changes occur during one leg of the building process, they often impact future materials, job completion, and labour costs. Milestone estimates for construction projects allow developers to review costs, make changes, and not get blindsided by unexpected overruns. One of the critical issues that result in project failures is unanticipated costs presenting themselves late in the process.

Get Reliable Milestone Estimates for Construction Projects in Ontario

It’s essential for developers and other key stakeholders to enjoy the benefits of an experienced quantity surveying services organization to set milestone estimates for construction projects. They represent motivational symbolic goal achievements and are a critical tool for key stakeholders to assess whether a project is running on time and on budget. Industry leaders who do not secure reliable quantity surveying services to set and review milestones take an unnecessary risk their project may incur excessive overruns or fail altogether. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we provide industry-leading milestone analysis that helps reduce costs and increase project success. If you are considering construction project, contact our London, Ontario, office for a consultation with our dedicated team of professionals today.

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