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At TruEst, we are a team of dedicated quantity surveyors who strive to provide our clients with the very best in Construction Consulting Services, particularly the vital element of providing trusted Procurement Advice for construction projects of all sizes.

Professional Construction Procurement Consulting

Everyone who goes into a construction purchase or acquisition appreciates professional advice, especially when it involves the buying of material or a service that is unfamiliar. Unfortunately, procurement advice is hardly ever standardized because just about every acquisition has some kind of nuance that makes it a bit unique. Sure, everyone needs raw materials for manufacturing, but the grade, quality, sourcing and pricing of the material can vary considerably depending on one’s own budget, locality, marketing issues and even preferences. That much flexibility in specs alone can make what seems like the very same purchase from company to company two very different procurements. That’s why TruEst’s team of certified quantity surveyors is consistently trusted in providing clients with expert advice prior to tender, as well as accounting for changes that may take place to the tender later-on.

Careful Procurement Advice Leads to Successful Construction Project Outcomes

Unfortunately, to get the best value from an acquisition, choosing the right procurement path early on makes a big difference in the outcomes of a construction project:
  • A straight commodity purchase might be fine for a one-off acquisition, but a contract relationship can often produce far better results for an ongoing series of contacts and deliveries.
  • Leverage purchasing can produce better pricing, but it may lock field offices into choices that don’t work for their geographical demands versus other offices.
  • And, of course, the wrong procurement decision on a large-scale project can quickly turn into a local political matter as more than one company has realized when city hall calls and asks for a reconsideration due to the regional economic impacts.

Strategic Procurement and Construction Contract Advice

A quality procurement specialist for a particular procurement and regional market influences is essential for large-scale projects that have complex acquisition demands. It can oftentimes make the difference between a project being delivered within budget or blowing targets entirely. And that planning is best made before any commitments are executed. At TruEst, our team comes together to combine our extensive industry experience and construction project know-how to provide our clients with the utmost in insights into the project at hand. We will evaluate all elements such as labour costs, costs of materials involved, equipment and negotiate with parties involved when needed. Additionally, our team will work to continuously monitor the projects financial progress, and report on financial metrics such as value earned, cost-to-complete and more.

Procurement Advice Services

TruEst can provide an extensive suite of procurement advice services to clients, including:
  • Owners Representative
  • Parallel Estimating & Peer Review
  • Support During Tender
  • Tender Analysis
  • Tender Addendum Management
  • Contractor Recommendations
  • Cash-flow Development
  • Dispute Avoidance
For more information about TruEst’s trusted Procurement Advice services or to discuss your project at-hand, contact our team today.

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