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Material Takeoffs

Turning a profit in the construction industry requires an accurate assessment of costs across the board. But the area that tends to trim an organization’s profit margin the most can be underestimating the cost of materials. This reality often results in business owners spending an inordinate amount of time supervising workers not to let a single nail go to waste. While maximizing materials remains a valuable practice, cost overruns can be stressful and diminish profit margins. At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, our team of experienced construction and quantity surveying professionals deliver accurate construction estimating services that include reliable material takeoffs. Our quantity takeoff services remove the fear of unforeseen materials costs from the equation.

Construction Material Takeoff Services

An accurate construction takeoff tracks two aspects of materials and merges them into a single report for decision-makers. The takeoff compiles a list of all the materials and amounts necessary to complete a project. This material list includes details about each specific item. From that comprehensive data, a cost is assigned to each line item and tallied for the total cost. Once the detailed materials list and cost estimates have been merged into a report, construction professionals can review the report and communicate unique factors that could impact the takeoff with our team members. The final report will account for potential cost fluctuations, material shortages, and suitable replacement products, among others.

Importance of a Construction Material Takeoff Services Expert

Although some construction outfits try to estimate material costs in-house, too often they discover declining profits due to underestimation. It’s a common, and stressful scenario highlighted by construction project supervisors spending an inordinate amount of time worrying about material usage. The reality of this unfortunate situation is that the complexities of today’s construction materials require the sharp eye and expertise of quantity surveying services professionals. Building code requirements require specific items and inspectors are increasingly strict about substitutions. Simply put, the days of rough estimates are a thing of the past.

Commercial and Residential Construction Takeoff Services You Can Trust

At TruEst Quantity Surveyors, we have been delivering accurate material takeoff analysis and reports for more than a decade for Ontario construction projects. We have earned a reputation as a profit-driving asset in both commercial and residential construction. Our team of construction takeoff specialists removes the guesswork so that businesses can prosper. Contact our London, Ontario, office and schedule a consultation.

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